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2015 – MARCH

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A new year in a new garden!
I’m starting a fresh in my new garden this year, I had great fun last year when I started my first ever gardening projects, I learned a lot and the whole family enjoyed eating what was grown.

There is a bit of work to do in my new garden before I can get started, but not near as much as the garden I had last year! The garden at one time has been well maintained and looked after, it’s just got badly over grown and the fences need replacing.
So we’ve set too and made a start clearing mainly brambles but also weeds which so far has been relatively easy because we started in January and everything had died back for winter.

The veg garden is much more secure from livestock than the last garden which means I can grow outside rather than just in the greenhouse, and there is a fruit cage that I’m thrilled about.

Looking forward to getting things started, I have been buying seeds over the past few months which I will sow in the next week or two and look forward to a good harvest when everything’s ready



2014IMG_0115 (800x533)

IMG_0116 (800x533)You have probably gathered by now from reading other pages on my website that this is my first proper attempt at gardening and growing anything. However, I have embraced the challenge and found a new passion in life, I actually really enjoy growing things and have loved watching my seeds grow, nurturing them and learning from them.

At the moment everything I’m growing is in the large glasshouse in the walled garden, the reason for this is because outside of the glasshouse live my goats and a few small ponies who would all very much like to munch on & devour my lovely plants.

IMG_2618 (800x600)Being a very novice gardener I know I’m not doing everything right and a lot of the time I’m unsure if things will grow or be happy to live in the conditions they’re in, so, I’m just going with the flow and keeping an eye on how plants are looking and trying to change conditions as and when needed.

So far I have grown from seed, carrots, turnips, sweetcorn, lettuce and peppers. I bought in strawberries, chillies and tomato plants and mint.
I also have lavender grown from seed, honeysuckle and some other flowering plants.

Ever so proud of my pepper plants grown from seed

Ever so proud of my pepper plants grown from seed

I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the results so far, pretty much everything has thrived. I’ve had my first crop of strawberries, peppers and tomatoes are just coming through and ripening and everything else is happily growing away.

It hasn’t taken long for my strawberry plants to shoot and for the shoot’s to start rooting, so I’ve taken the shoots from the plant and potted them ready to be put in beds at a later date. I don’t have room at the moment to let the strawberries grow wild so potting is the simplest solution and gives me more plants to put out when I can.

I have some more chilli plant seeds I’m going to sow and I will leave it at that for this year.

Strawberry shoots are rooting

Strawberry shoots are rooting